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《Kingdom Dash》Releases Today! Game Features Introduction!

Author:《Kingdom Dash》 Team Time:2021-04-11

Kingdom Dash》 is launching today on App Store and GooglePlay Store in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Here are introduction of Game Features

5 Mode with Only ONE Operation

All 5 modes are operated with only 2 buttons. 

It’s simple enough to pick up quickly, yet also has depth and replay value for the more obsessive gamer.


Control multiple characters by oneself 

Players are able to control multiple characters by oneself at one time. 

In levels with varied terrain, players need to avoid the bullets as well as defeat enemies.


3 Types of Position, 5 Types of Track

Hundreds of partner skills. Every partner have his/her own battle position with distinctive features. Each partner has his/her own weapon track and the strengths and weaknesses coexist. Moreover, Talents Skills of each partner are exclusive.


True sense of Action Card Game

Players need to develop lots of team and featured partners so as to obtain the maximum return from 5 playing modes. 

Continue in-depth studies on partner matching and make up the most powerful PVP team!


Team Up! Challenge the BOSS together!

Under Teambattle mode, players could team up with others in the same server and challenge the powerful opponent together, 

where players could experience the fun as well as gain valuable friendship!


Transform into Stronger Starsoul after combination!

Various team collocation would be generated from partners of different features and skills. 

Every partner has his/her own unique value.