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《Kingdom Dash》 Game Features Introduction

Author:《Kingdom Dash》 Team Time:2020-06-04

Welcome to the world of Kingdom Dash!~

Here you can experience the most breathtaking race among the warrirs from Three Kingdom History!

Funny story and fascinating skills would definitely catch your eyes!

Game Features:

Switchable Operating Modes

You can choose operating mode by switching the slide mode or flip mode. Delicate graphics and vision impact would make sure that you enjoy the fun of different running modes!

Thrilling Battles

In ancient time, warriors armed with gears and rode horse to fight for their countries.

In this game, you can enjoy the thrilling battles armed with your cute pets! The immersive battles will bring you into a real Kingdom Dash world!

You can ride horses, fly with sky lanterns, and unleash various kinds of skills in battle! Experience the running speed and funny stories!

Train your army

In this adventure, you need to recruit army to fight with you. There are huge amount of heroes in Kingdom Dash, each of them has great power and skilled expert. They can help you defeat the enemies and win the battles. Don’t forget to upgrade them when you have necessary materials!

Real- Time PVP

Match your opponent and have a thrilling real-time battle! It’s time to show your army and fascinating skills. However, the funny monsters may divert your attention from your battle!

Team Up

Two can play the game. Bosses are so powerful! You need to team up with more friends to get over the bosses!