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Author:《Kingdom Dash》 Team Time:2020-06-04

    Morning Masters! Lil Genki again! It’s my pleasure❤️❤️ to introduce the game features to you.

Today I would introduce 【adventures】 for you!


In this game you can take various adventure modes.
You can join the Story Mode, Infinite Rift, Golden Ride, Expedition, etc.

➡️In Story mode, you can read the story of Three Kingdoms, and get to know the heroes of Three Kingdoms.

➡️In Infinite Rift, you can experience endless battle. The difficulty of the battle will be more and more difficult. Show your power here!

➡️In Golden Ride, you can see a sky full of golds, which is golden sea! Exciting? Get rich here!

More to come!
    Stay tuned with us!!
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