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Worrior System Introduction #1

Author:《Kingdom Dash》 Team Time:2020-06-04

Hello Masters!
    Today we’re going to talk about the “Warrior” system.

As we all know, there are huge amount of famous warriors and heroes in Three Kingdoms.

Because of them, the world of Three Kingdoms became profound and lasting.

Let's come and check this system out!

In Kingdom Dash, you can recruit all the famous heroes. Guan Yu, Lv Bu, Zhao Yun, etc, all invincible warriors are waiting for you!
Collect them and conquer the world!

➡️Level up: Upgrade the level of the warriors and become stronger, and more features will be unlocked at a higher level.

➡️Star up: You can also upgrade the stars of your warriors, which will greatly increase it’s power!

➡️Gear: Go battle to get gear materials for your warriors. Equip the gears and enhance them to improve your heroes!!

To be continued!

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