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Worrior System Introduction #2

Author:《Kingdom Dash》 Team Time:2020-06-04

Good morning! Masters!

Today we are going to introduce the types of warriors for you.

In Kingdom Dash, there are 3 types of warriors: Tank(DEF), DPS and SUP. Each warrior has its own feature.

 About Tank: Some of them have the ability of damage reduction, blocking attacks and self healing.And some have DEF buff and can release the shield to attack enemies.

 About DPS: Some of them are good at penetration, tracking. And some can offer debuff to enemies, such as: poison, stunning, DEF reduction, etc.

  About SUP: Some of them can restore health or bring one’s life back. Some of them can offer strong buff for you to defeat the enemies. Some can root the enemies or making them can not attack.

More to come!

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